Cloud Services


Ensuring that your aircraft’s data is available whenever you need it, Traxxall’s cloud based system allows 99.95% access, far outstripping the more traditional data storage solutions and addressing the risks inherent in the dependence on in-house servers.

Further, Traxxall’s partnership with Microsoft Azure provides best-in-class data protection.

In addition to unmatched data availability, Traxxall customers can access their data with the speed they have long desired. Irrespective of where operations are situated, Traxxall reports are generated quickly and accurately, meaning no delays in getting what you need, when you need it. You can now generate reports in seconds, not minutes.

A fail-safe system for your most valuable assets.

Enjoy total peace of mind with a solution that continually backs up customer data with guaranteed resumption of service and minimal delay. With safeguards against potential natural or virtual threats, our cloud based system provides significant security advantages over conventional in-house servers.