Customized Screens


Compliance Dial

Traxxall’s unique Compliance Dial provides three color codes – green, yellow, or red – to allow you to immediately determine your aircraft’s overall status. No longer will you need to delve deeply into reports to establish compliance status; the glance of an eye will now do.  You can also see upcoming due items that may be influencing your aircraft’s status.

Maintenance Slider

A highly practical feature, exclusive to Traxxall, is our dynamic Maintenance Slider. It allows you to see how utilization-based due list items are affected by increasing or decreasing the use of your aircraft. With this feature you can simulate various flight scenarios to help ensure that scheduled maintenance time is optimized.

Drag & Drop feature

Navigate effortlessly with Traxxall’s Drag and Drop feature allowing you to not only customize screens and more effectively organize your data for your reports.

The ultimate ease of use feature.