Holding Area


This feature, only available on Traxxall, is a direct response to a request that has been made repeatedly by aviation professionals for many years. Our Holding Area acts as digital “in-tray” for changes to your inspection program. From here, you can accept, reject or defer the changes at the touch of a button. Items that are accepted will be automatically added to your aircraft. Items that are rejected or deferred can be reconsidered by you at any time in the future as they will be stored in your Repository. The Repository therefore provides you and others with perfect visibility of the aircraft’s history.

With the enrollment of your aircraft, Traxxall’s analysts will help set your filters, so revisions can be made according to your specific requirements and preferences.

Some examples of possible configurations:

  • Recommended Service Bulletins can be held in your Holding Area until you approve them, without negatively impacting your due list or aircraft status.
  • OEM Inspection Program Revisions that require approval prior to inclusion can be held for approval.
  • Airworthiness Directives (AD’s) from the FAA can be applied automatically while EASA ADs are held for your approval.