Aircraft residual value protection

The aircraft residual value protection issue is a perfect example of how Traxxall applies its technology through the perspective of the customer. First and foremost, without question, a customer’s best guarantee of protecting their aircraft’s residual value is to employ a skilled Director of Maintenance. This individual is the single most important factor driving an aircraft’s value as they alone manage the as-built / as-maintained configuration of the aircraft (your asset). At Traxxall, we lined-up our system to help DoMs precisely with this task. How? Through the use of our Master Core Template and Holding Area features.


Master Core Template

When a prospective buyer needs to assess the bridge impact of switching from the seller’s AAIP inspection program to a standard inspection program, the DoM can provide that assessment using Traxxall with a click of a button.

Holding Area

The DoM can take a prospective buyer through the aircraft repository to show what items were Rejected or Deferred and why. In addition, at the buyer’s discretion, these items can be re-initiated as a work package based on the buyer’s operational requirements.