New Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Solutions on Display

ABACE 2018 | AINonline | New Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Solutions On DisplayApril 16, 2018 — ABACE 2018 Convention News — With mandated periodic inspections, replacement of time-limited components, and myriad unscheduled repairs, aircraft maintenance presents a complex tracking task, and most flight departments and operators rely on dedicated tracking software and services to handle the responsibilities.

Aircraft maintenance is increasingly all about documentation, inventory tracking, health monitoring, and a variety of other information-intensive, data-rich disciplines. While it is still vital to know how to spin a wrench, understanding software is growing in importance.

At ABACE 2018, Traxxall Technologies (Booth P517) will be showcasing the latest upgrades in their ever-evolving digital maintenance tracking solutions […]

Canada’s Traxxall Technologies is showcasing enhancements to its Traxxall Aircraft Maintenance Tracking System that “take technology up to another level,” said Mark Steinbeck, Traxxall’s president. The system is designed for business aviation operations, and can be used for aircraft “from an [Cirrus] SR22 to a BBJ,” fixed-wing or rotor, single aircraft or fleet. The latest updates allow maintenance technicians “to go completely paperless on the hangar floor,” Steinbeck said. The analyst-supported maintenance and inventory tracking solution features customizable reports and dashboards along with tablet and smartphone apps. Offered based on an annual per-aircraft service fee, the system is more affordable than many competing products, according to Steinbeck, and compatible with the widely used Rockwell Collins FOS.

The full-length version of the original article by James Wynbrandt appeared on AINonline on April 15, 2018, here.

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