Below are answers to some of the more common questions we get about TRAXXALL.  If you don’t see an answer to your question, send us an email to sales@traxxall.com and we’ll be happy to get back to you with a response.

What is TRAXXALL?2018-10-13T15:51:53-04:00

TRAXXALL is the most advanced aircraft maintenance tracking and inventory management solution for business aviation on the market today. Our innovative, cloud-based system means TRAXXALL is more robust, secure, accurate and cost-effective than traditional legacy systems. Whether you are on the road or in the hangar, you can get access to your aircraft maintenance and inventory data from any PC, laptop or mobile device connected to the internet.

What aircraft can be tracked with TRAXXALL?2019-01-09T18:19:56-04:00

TRAXXALL has built templates for over 300 models of fixed or rotor wing aircraft and we are continuing to add to our list of supported models on a regular basis. Whether you operate a single engine piston aircraft or a large jet airliner, TRAXXALL has the ability to track your aircraft. In addition, TRAXXALL can track aircraft that are on custom maintenance programs like OCIP or unique AAIPs.

How much does TRAXXALL cost?2018-10-13T15:54:32-04:00

The annual subscription fee depends on the make and model of your aircraft.  Rest assured, however, that our innovative, cloud-based system means TRAXXALL is more cost-effective than traditional legacy systems you may be familiar with.  We pass those savings onto our customers. You can request a quick quote in seconds.

Is TRAXXALL an analyst-supported maintenance tracking solution?2017-09-30T23:55:35-04:00

Absolutely. At TRAXXALL, we have built the maintenance management industry’s best and most experienced team of aviation analysts. Our “peer-to-peer” analyst service is staffed 24/7/365 by aviation experts who have worked for aircraft manufacturers, Part 91 and Part 135 flight departments, as well as Part 145 repair stations.

How safe is my aircraft data on TRAXXALL?2017-09-30T23:55:10-04:00

Our cloud-based system is secured by a partnership with Microsoft Azure® providing best-in-class data protection and unmatched 99.95% data availability. By ensuring your maintenance data is continually backed up with guaranteed resumption of service and minimal delay, TRAXXALL safeguards against potential natural or virtual threats.

How customizable is TRAXXALL?2018-02-27T16:28:39-04:00

We recognize that each aircraft is unique and that each operator will have a preferred way of managing their information. We have designed TRAXXALL to enable you to personalize the system to suit your operational needs. You can fully customize what appears on your aircraft dashboard with the use of over a dozen different elements. Additionally, you can easily customize what appears on your reports and your reports are sorted without any special third-party software. And, as needs evolve, you can easily modify what you see with the “drag & drop” functionality.

Does TRAXXALL integrate with other systems?2019-01-10T11:00:09-04:00

We are committed to remaining at the forefront of maintenance tracking with on-going releases of new integrations like existing ones with Rockwell Collins FOS, RocketRoute, Airbus, BoldIQ, Air Maestro, Avmosys and Jet Insight, to name just a few. Let us know if there is a particular integration that you need.

How does TRAXXALL protect the long-term value of my aircraft?2018-02-27T16:31:27-04:00

Not only is TRAXXALL more affordable up front, it protects your investment long term. By utilizing industry-leading technology TRAXXALL has tools built into the system to help ensure your aircraft’s maintenance data is accurate. That coupled with world-class analyst support assist to ensure that the data in your system is accurate and thus prevents surprises during a pre-purchase inspection. Prospective buyers often dig deeper and deeper into the maintenance records when they find inaccuracies in the data, which is a very common reason why the final purchase price of an asset may be below market value. By keeping aircraft operating at peak performance and your maintenance data accurate, TRAXXALL is maximizing the resale value of your aircraft should you elect to sell your aircraft.

What is the process for enrolling an aircraft on TRAXXALL?2019-09-22T15:43:46-04:00

Our seamless, customer-centric enrollment process begins with assessing your specific requirements and aligning the system and service to your needs. A dedicated TRAXXALL analyst conducts a thorough enrollment interview, followed by a “general status audit” that includes a comprehensive review of the aircraft status report and/or due list. The result is we get you up and flying sooner so you can benefit immediately from TRAXXALL’s advantages.  For a full outline of our process, please download our enrollment brochure.


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